Weekly Report — November 2021

Galaxy Online
3 min readNov 22, 2021


Hello Commanders!

Welcome to our weekly developer blog as we share with the community about the past week’s work.

For over 3 weeks we’ve been working on developing the game on new technical solutions! We are developing a new game, not just a redesign of the current one, in which we will take into account all the wishes and suggestions accumulated over 2 years.


  • improvement of gameplay logic and mechanics
  • simplification of management of in-game actions
  • usability of the game interface
  • faster work on PC and mobile devices
  • hundreds of accumulated tickets and requests from the players

But don’t worry, your progress in Galaxy Online will be saved and transferred to the new game.

Now let’s talk about everything in more detail.

New skills concept

We showed the concept of the updated skills. Now they are collected in groups. This will have a positive effect on usability.

Skills concept

New planets interface concept

We are working hard on the new interface of the planets. Now it will be simple, clear and much more beautiful and smooth.

Planet interface concept

At the same time we are developing widgets to customize the automation, control and view modules on the planet, improve the ship factory and designing the appearance of the enemy planet.

Bug fixes

This week we fixed a lot of bugs. Thanks to you, we have fixed a few small and unpleasant bugs in the interface and mechanics of the game.

Thank you to the players who help us test and debug the game on a CBT (closed beta testing) server. Thanks to you, Galaxy Online is alive and growing.

If you want to be the first to try out and test new features, then join us!

Participation in the CBT is available after a preliminary interview on Albert (@inc0gnit) or Vlad (@hibryid).

Fixes will appear in the game with the introduction of the “Bombing” functionality.

Other concepts

We are currently working on concepts for Artifacts, the new Pirate Stations and the module system. We will also be sharing information with you as it becomes available.


On November 30 Galaxy Online will celebrate its second anniversary. We’ve decided to hand out giveaway of free mystery NFTs. Information about them will appear later.

Thank you for staying with us and may the power of the Elders be with you.

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Multi-blockchain space MMO strategy with a huge universe consisting of many galaxies.

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Galaxy Online

Multi-blockchain space MMO strategy with a huge universe consisting of many galaxies.Earn crypto without investments just by playing! galaxyonline.io