Weekly Report — January 22–February 4, 2021

Galaxy Online
4 min readFeb 5, 2022

Welcome to our weekly developer blog!

Today’s report is unique because we’re highlighting the events of the past two weeks for the first time, as well as presenting some incredible announcements!

New website: Personal Area and the Game Community!

Work on the new gaming website does not stop and we actively continue to redesign sections. So, for the past 2 weeks we have finished the development of all the blocks of the personal account, modified the functionality of the personal account, redesigned blocks of input and output token, as well as created space for its further development.

We’ve also fine-tuned the capabilities of Clans and Corporations, and are getting ready to release Alliances and Guilds.

Functionality are ready for game communities, players and administrators of Corporations is waiting to be implemented.

It includes advanced features to monitor player activity, easy interaction with each member of the Corporation, customizable roles for each game community and more! We will tell you more about this in the next report.

For your attention — Game Communities:

Bug fixes

Of course, we do not forget to fix and improve the current version of the game.

This was corrected in the last period:

  • Updated Everscale galaxy logo;
  • fixed bug of not displaying modules on counterattack;
  • fixed incorrect value of acceleration of fleet production in Spacecraft Plant;
  • fixed bug of visibility of modules without reconnaissance;
  • added display of Titan ship on radar;
  • fixed bug of displaying calculated flight time with Furious Module;
  • fixed a bug at which through the enemy blockade continued to fly the dead fleet with zero value;
  • fixed a bug at which the autobuild of the fleet did not produce all ships;
  • fixed a bug that appeared when the number of available blockades was exceeded;
  • fixed bug of incorrect coefficient at processing of minerals on Space Station.


  • Autobuild ships now only from 100 pieces;
  • combining minerals is no longer available. Send for recycling on the Space Station is possible only 1 type of minerals;
  • removed training tasks in the corporate galaxy.

We were also working on the introduction of a new game mode “Seasons of the Galaxy”, news about which will soon appear in our News Channel! Sign up so you don’t miss it!

Thank you to the players who help us test and debug the game on a CBT (closed beta testing) server. Thanks to you, Galaxy Online is alive and growing.

If you want to be the first to try out and test new features, then join us!

Participation in the CBT is available after a preliminary interview on Telegram with Nik_Casual.

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Space online strategy game with huge universe consisting of a variety of galaxies where ruthless battles take place for dominance over planets and rich territories of space.

Conquer planets, mine minerals, improve skills and technologies, build your fleet, trade, attack and defend, join corporations and clans.

In addition to the pleasant process of the game, you have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency without investments just by playing!



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