Weekly Report — december 4–10, 2021

Galaxy Online
2 min readDec 10, 2021

Greetings, brave Commanders!

This is another edition of our weekly progress report.

Updated Galaxy Online NFT Collections on the Paras Marketplace

New Galaxy Online collections on Paras.id including Commanders, Artifacts, and Planet Skins. And don’t forget about the Space Stations.

Go to Paras.id and purchase unique NFTs while they’re in the public sale.

Also on our website you can buy sets of Commanders and Artifacts of the first series with the possibility to get rarer NFT and +1 green skin as gift.


We continue to share with you concepts from the new game. So, this week we present the concept of the updated Cosmoport.

As you can see, the interface is cleaner and more convenient. All the summary information will be collected in one place, where you can easily manage all the processes.

Bug fixes

This week we’ve been actively working on the fixing bugs. Thank you very much for your feedback. A lot of bugs have accumulated, it’s true.

Some of the fixed bugs:

  • The ability to loot a mineral of the Everscale race was missing;
  • the button of counter-intelligence and counter-attacks didn’t respond;
  • all buildings had the “Discovery” field;
  • incoming attack informer block the zoom buttons;
  • minerals went missing when sending ships to loot from the Space Station;
  • and more.

All patches have already been uploaded to the main server.

If you want to be the first to try out and test new features, then join us!

Participation in the CBT is available after a preliminary interview on Albert (inc0gnit) or Vlad (hibryid).

About Galaxy Online

Space online strategy game with huge universe consisting of a variety of galaxies where ruthless battles take place for dominance over planets and rich territories of space.

Conquer planets, mine minerals, improve skills and technologies, build your fleet, trade, attack and defend, join corporations and clans.

In addition to the pleasant process of the game, you have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency without investments just by playing!



Galaxy Online

Multi-blockchain space MMO strategy with a huge universe consisting of many galaxies.Earn crypto without investments just by playing! galaxyonline.io