Weekly Report December 18–24, 2021

Holiday Event

  • During the Event (from December 30 to January 14) there will be a ban on attacks and blockades on other players and Space Stations;
  • Pirate Gangs with rewards will appear on free planets 2 times a day. A successful attack can be rewarded with Energy and/or Solarium;
  • will be possible to transport minerals from the planets under the shields to the Space Stations.

New website development

Interface of the future Galaxyonline.io website

Bug fixes

  • Bug with disappearance of Herculeses while transporting minerals to the Space Station;
  • bug that did not work the search for stars by coordinates;
  • added a description to the production Space Station;
  • added hangar limit display on the planet.

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Galaxy Online

Galaxy Online

Multi-blockchain space MMO strategy with a huge universe consisting of many galaxies.Earn crypto without investments just by playing! galaxyonline.io