Weekly Report — December 11–17, 2021

Galaxy Online
2 min readDec 17, 2021

Dear friends, we are glad to see you on our weekly developer blog. Here we talk about the work we’ve done this week.

This week we’ve been working on the visual part of the project. As you remember, a new game with a new design is in development right now.This means that the face of Galaxy Online — website — must also be in line with all the new trends.

The first thing we did was start developing the Home page of the website. We developed prototype pages and made icons for the new in-game interface. We also developed new commander images and fixed visual problems in the current game.

TrueNFT Space Stations on the Everscale blockchain is also under active development.

TrueNFT is the implementation of on-chain NFT technology on the Free TON blockchain.

We also set up a translation service and brought in specialists to localize the site and the game into other languages. This is an important step for further expansion of Galaxy Online. And we’re really glad that other countries will be able to get acquainted with Galaxy Online.

Bug fixes

Of course, we do not forget to fix and improve the current version of the game.

This week we fixed:

  • Sending race minerals from Orbital Station to a planet;
  • increasing the level of buildings;
  • autobuilding of rakets from 10 units, with a required minimum of 100 units.

Thank you to the players who help us test and debug the game on a CBT (closed beta testing) server. Thanks to you, Galaxy Online is alive and growing.

If you want to be the first to try out and test new features, then join us!

Participation in the CBT is available after a preliminary interview on Albert (inc0gnit) or Vlad (hibryid).

About Galaxy Online

Space online strategy game with huge universe consisting of a variety of galaxies where ruthless battles take place for dominance over planets and rich territories of space.

Conquer planets, mine minerals, improve skills and technologies, build your fleet, trade, attack and defend, join corporations and clans.

In addition to the pleasant process of the game, you have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency without investments just by playing!



Galaxy Online

Multi-blockchain space MMO strategy with a huge universe consisting of many galaxies.Earn crypto without investments just by playing! galaxyonline.io